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Welcome to Wycliff Family Dentistry


We believe that a healthy mouth is a harmonious blend of beauty, comfort and function.

#CI-TY# Dentist We have thoroughly studied the most healthy natural human dental systems and we utilize the principles of these systems in treating your needs. To help treat your objectives we offer a broad range of dental technologies based on the philosophy of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Bioesthetic Dentistry. Both philosophies embrace the notion that human systems must work in a state of balance and harmony.

Unfortunately only 5% of the population has achieved this phase of balance and harmony, 95% face significant dental challenges. With this in mind we offer an expanded menu of assistances covering the spectrum of exams, cleaning, radiographs using reduced energy digital x-rays and dental tissue specific lasers for the detection, prevention and treatment of dental disease. We also provide the means to access and reduce your risk of developing decay, disease and unnecessary and premature loss of teeth, tooth structure and all supporting tissues.

We do not simply treat the symptoms of dental disease, but rather the underlying causes.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by delivering first class professional service, exceeding our patients’ expectations, and creating healthy, beautiful smiles for life.


We believe there are four philosophies of care.

We strive to work with patients who aspire to at least the third or fourth levels of care as described below. This is where true health and freedom from dental pain can occur.

1. Urgent Care – crisis care or emergency. Fix it only when it hurts. We are happy to see emergencies, but we do not believe it is healthy for the patient to be maintained in a long term emergency or crisis state. After the emergency is treated and the patient is no longer in a “crisis” mode, we expect the patient to move forward to a higher level of care.

2. Remedial Care – Don’t fix it unless it breaks or falls out. When it does then fix it as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. This type of dental care just gets a person by. It is treating problems with the quickest and least expensive treatment available. Often patients choosing this type of treatment find themselves in the above emergency or crisis care mode.

3. Maintenance Care – The patient takes an active role in the prevention of present and future disease problems, but chooses repair solutions that are short or intermediate range in duration knowing that it will have to be replaced in the not too distant future. Problems are treated and treated well, but the origins of the problems are not addressed.

4. Optimum Care – Patients at this level are similar to those in Level 3. However, they have chosen to have a comprehensive examination and a Master Plan to formulate a long-term treatment plan for optimum health. They wish to achieve a future based on choice not chance. The dental treatment done at this level is completed in the most lasting fashion possible. The origins of the problems are addressed and the results are long term optimal health. This finest form of dentistry is called Bioesthetic dentistry. It is the ultimate in function, esthetics and durability.

All dental insurance plans focus on level 1 & 2 only. Both of which, in our judgment, are neither preventable nor curative in nature.

We welcome any questions you may have. We want you to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns with us. You deserve to have the standard of dental care consistent with your value for health. When communication and concern for each other’s welfare is high, successful results are more likely to occur.