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From our Patients

We love to share our patient success stories!

When I finally sought help with my teeth grinding, I was in so much pain, I didn't think that I would ever feel better. I had always ground my teeth when I slept through my 20s and 30s, however it really became a problem a couple of years ago. My sleep was interrupted every night with my grinding, and I woke to headaches every day, shoulder pain and jaw pain. My teeth were getting so worn down that my bite was completely off. I had tried muscle relaxers, sleeping name it, and was still miserable. When I sought Dr. Tanner's advice, he assured me that he could "fix" me and that I would be better if I followed his plan. I was then fitted with my mouthguard (MOGO) and would continue to wear it every day and every night. I started to see progress right away after the first several weeks, and gradually my headaches went away, and I started to sleep! I'll admit I was skeptical at first with the "solution" to all of my problems would be cured with a small mouthguard, but I can tell you it did. It was a miracle, and I completely believe it was BECAUSE of the Bioesthetic solution Dr.Tanner offered. I have recommended Dr. Tanner to my family and friends and would encourage anyone who is experiencing teeth grinding to make an appointment, it was the best move I could have made.

Tammy, Parkville, MO

I feel great about sharing my story or as I call it my journey to a Happier Jan with a healthy and pain free beautiful smile. I have always taken excellent care of my teeth and gums. Although I had cavities as a child I did not understand why I needed so many root canals and crowns as an adult. I struggled to understand the cause of my problems. My dental care issues became too much for my previous dentist to handle and I felt a change was necessary. The hunt was on to find a compassionate as well as excellent dentist. Dr. Tanner was my choice through the knowledge of a very dear friend. Now I was scared he might refuse me as a patient because I had numerous issues that became his issues to repair. During our first consultation, Dr. Tanner sat with me and explained why I was experiencing the terrible jaw, neck head and shoulder pain for several years. My back jaw teeth crowns were "over-sized" and did not fit properly causing severe clenching and grinding on my teeth. He explained the serious consequences of clenching and grinding of my teeth. He explained that the wear on my teeth, the root canals, the need for crowns all are a result of a poor bite. Also, the tight muscles in my head, neck and shoulders are related to my poor bite as well. Dr. Tanner further explained how Mago therapy was the first step in my treatment. At this point, I was feeling more confident and relaxed in my quest for a wonderful dentist, a dentist who has the knowledge to go beyond just traditional dentistry. I felt safe, and knew he was going to accept me as his patient because his dentistry restores pain patients to healthy pain free patients. Now, through his explanations of all the corrective dental procedures we are going to be tackling in the months, possible years to come I knew the end result was going to be great. Now that I understood what was going on with my bite, I immediately began Mago therapy. It was amazing how quickly my jaw, head, neck and shoulder muscles relaxed and my teeth were not banging against each other. No more clenching and grinding. My Mago therapy changed my life. Not only physically but in so other many ways, restful and relaxing sleep, emotionally, alertness, I could go on and on. We finished the Mago therapy in about a year. Then we began the process of fixing my teeth. Dr. Tanner restored the right shape and length to my teeth. He made sure my bite was correct. My bite is very comfortable, my muscles are relaxed, I feel great and my smile is beautiful.

Jan, Lee's Summit, MO

Dr. Tanner and his staff are great. In the past just the thought of visiting the dentist caused me to have a lot of anxiety. As a result I had been neglectful of my teeth for the past ten years. After just one visit to Dr Tanner's office my anxiety drastically decreased. Everyone in the office was empathetic and made me feel so comfortable throughout every procedure. Never once did Dr Tanner or his staff make me feel ashamed or embarrassed of the condition of my teeth. I have now completed my restoration and I couldn't be happier with the results. To smile freely for the first time in ten years is incredible!

Justin, Overland Park, KS

Several years ago I began to have severe pain in my neck and left shoulder. The pain was constant. I had headaches which were especially painful at night. It was difficult and painful to turn my head. I spent more than a year trying various treatments and doctors hoping to find the cause of my pain. I tried physical therapy, massage therapy, epidural blocks and nerve root ablation, chiropractor visits and various medicines. I saw two surgeons who were not able to find the cause for my pain but were willing to do surgery. I cannot begin to tell you how miserable and depressed I was. Each time I would have an appointment with a new doctor or new treatment, I would get so hopeful only to be disappointed and depressed again when it failed. During this search, I made an appointment with my dentist, Dr. Tanner. He was able to determine that the cause of my pain was neuro muscular. Over a period of time, I had, for some unknown reason, changed my bite. This change had twisted muscles in my neck and shoulder. Using the bioesthetic method of treatment, I was finally able to get some relief. It was not an easy process and Dr. Tanner and his assistant, Linda, worked diligently to solve my problem. I wore a Mago 24 hours a day for months and gradually the pain started to subside. Then Dr. Tanner restored my teeth to the correct shape and length. And most importantly he gave me the bite that was correct for me. I am so very thankful that Dr. Tanner cared enough about his patients to learn and practice this method. I will be forever grateful to him for helping me through a very painful time.

Mary Lewis, Peculiar, MO

I have been a patient of Dr. Tannerís for well over 15 years. In my history with Dr. Tanner, we have dealt with cavities and crowns and grinding /clenching teeth. I have used a mouth guard to help with the grinding and clenching, but the use of a mouth guard did not last very long. I must be very strong when it comes to grinding and clenching my teeth. Over the last few years or so, I have noticed a significant change in my bite and shifting of my teeth. As a result, I suffered from jaw pain and severe headaches from too much clenching. Dr. Tanner and I have had a discussion on starting treatment for TMJ for at least 2 years. I was shown a short video demonstrating how when the jaw is not aligned, what side effects may occur- I experienced the majority of the side effects. In January of 2013- I started treatment for TMJ with the use of an appliance called a Mago. It took a couple of days to get used to the Mago, but was pretty easy to adjust to. The only difficulty I have had is eating with the Mago. In the 3-4 months I have been using the Mago, I have noticed a slight change in my bite. More importantly, I am experiencing less side effects- fewer headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, etc. Thus far, I have found the experience to be a positive one. The treatment does require frequent visits to the office for adjustments to the Mago, but the frequency lessens as treatment progresses. The most important aspect of this process for me has been Dr. Tanner and his staff.They are always friendly and always available to answer any questions I have had regarding this treatment.

Lisa Patel, Shawnee, KS

My sister and I shared a room as children. She told me that she could hear me grinding my teeth as a small child. I know that this habit continued through my teen years and into adulthood. I never really understood the impact that clenching my teeth had on my head and neck until it started to affect me physically. About four years ago, I started to experience physical problems. It began gradually. First there were problems with my sleeping. I blamed this problem either on my pillows or lying only on one side. Then I started to lose the range of motion in my neck. This was followed by constant headaches. And ultimately chronic back problems extending down my left side to my knee and ankle. Dr. Tanner had told me numerous times that the extensive wear on my teeth indicated a serious problem. I still tried to ignore the problem, thinking it would get better or go away. I knew the treatment would require me to wear an appliance 24 hours a day. I talk on the phone all day, and I kept telling myself there is no way I could wear an appliance 24 hours a day. Unfortunately I woke up one morning and my left eye was almost closed. I looked like a stroke victim and this really scared me. Now, I knew it was time to address my problem. I could not allow this to affect my health any longer. I chose to pursue Mago treatment. After wearing my Mago for only a few days, I could already tell that I was sleeping better and didnít have as many headaches. Within weeks I could turn my neck from side to side a lot easier. The pain in my ankle, knee and back had diminished. In only a few months my symptoms were 95% eliminated. Unfortunately, because I thought ďI couldnít wear an appliance because I talk on the phone all dayĒ the only noticeable lingering affect is my left eye. It is much improved, but unfortunately there is slight permanent damage. I wish that I had listened and acted sooner, but given my experience, I hope that I can be instrumental in helping others in pain get treatment sooner. I truly have a passion to get the word out to those people with chronic pain. I want them to know that there is help. They do not have to live a life in pain. The Mago treatment has truly changed my life. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and feel good. In addition Dr. Tanner has restored my teeth to their original shape and length and I have the beautiful smile that God gave me.

Cynthia, Harrisonville, MO

I have worked in dentistry for several years but in the last few years I have come to realize that a functional or good bite has a very real effect on your overall health. In my early twenties I started clenching my teeth at night. However after Dr. Tanner explained the source of clenching I became more aware of my habit and caught myself clenching in the day also. Everyone says we clench because of stress but this simply is not true. Although most bad habits are blamed on stress; I ultimately began to understand that my clenching habit was due to my poor bite. So I started wearing mouth guards at night. I had full mouth orthodontics three times. Still I continued to clench. Finally I started to have neck, jaw and shoulder pains with headaches to boot. I was miserable. Every morning I stood in a hot shower massaging my neck, just so I could get some neck mobility. I went to the chiropractor every week for an adjustment. I went to a massage therapist every three weeks and still I was just treading water with my pain. Finally Dr. Tanner showed me that he could help me by wearing an appliance that stabilizes my jaw joints and relaxes my head, neck and back muscles. The change in my jaw joints and neck happened so quickly I could not believe it. From the first day I wore the appliance I never had a ďrealĒ headache again. Once my jaw joints were stabilized and my head and neck muscles were relaxed Dr. Tanner restored the correct shape and length to my teeth and realigned my bite to the proper position. My neck pain is eliminated and I have been headache free for six years since treatment was completed. I canít begin to say how nice it is to feel good on a daily basis.

Linda, Overland Park, KS

I have been a patient of Dr. Tannerís for over fifteen years. After moving over an hour away from his Overland Park office and trying a new dentist for a couple of years, I decided to return to Dr. Tannerís office due to his skill as a dentist and his caring attitude toward his patients. His office staff is also fantastic! Dr. Tanner suggested that I try a MAGO appliance when my teeth began to wear down due to the misalignment of my teeth and jaw. I was also suffering from extremely tight and fatigued jaw muscles, congestion in my ears, and upper back, neck, and ear pain. My jaw would often lock open when I chewed, and I found myself clenching my teeth, especially at night. After wearing the MAGO appliance for a few days, I noticed that I was sleeping a full night instead of waking up four to five times per night to adjust my position. My jaw was not sore in the morning, and I only required seven hours of sleep per night to feel refreshed. The excess muscle tension in my jaw and the pain and congestion in my ears disappeared as well. After a month or so, the upper back and neck pain began to diminish. My jaw has not locked open since the second week of wearing the MAGO appliance. The biggest factor in my choosing the MAGO appliance was the preservation of my teeth. This treatment will assure that I have a healthy, functional mouth throughout my life time. Dr. Tannerís MAGO treatment has made a huge difference in my life by alleviating a great deal of pain and improving my ability to get a good nightís rest. These two factors have had a major impact on all areas of my life!

Kimberly Brien, Oskaloosa, KS