New Patient Offer
Patient Offer

Special offer for all new patients who make their first appointment for new patient exam, x-rays and cleaning. Call now or complete the form below to receive your Opalescence Go 3-pack take home whitening kit.

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Offer Expires 06/19/2024

Our Mission

We believe that a healthy mouth is a harmonious blend of beauty, comfort and function.

Wycliff Family Dentistry - Overland Park Dentist We have thoroughly studied the most healthy natural human dental systems and we utilize the principles of these systems in treating your needs. To help treat your objectives we offer a broad range of dental technologies based on the philosophy of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Bioesthetic Dentistry. Both philosophies embrace the notion that human systems must work in a state of balance and harmony.

Unfortunately only 5% of the population has achieved this phase of balance and harmony, 95% face significant dental challenges. With this in mind we offer an expanded menu of assistances covering the spectrum of exams, cleaning, radiographs using reduced energy digital x-rays and dental tissue specific lasers for the detection, prevention and treatment of dental disease. We also provide the means to access and reduce your risk of developing decay, disease and unnecessary and premature loss of teeth, tooth structure and all supporting tissues.

We do not simply treat the symptoms of dental disease, but rather the underlying causes.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by delivering first class professional service, exceeding our patients’ expectations, and creating healthy, beautiful smiles for life.